Search Engine Honey Traps???

I just read a post on Russ Beattie’s blog that made my jaw drop. Go read his post, “Search Engine Honey Traps” if you want some tips on making money with a blog. Russ is on to something. Some of his content is great, the tech stuff. Other content is downright horrible, his political rants. But, I’m a subscriber of his feed either way.

In the “Search Engine Honey Traps” post he mentions that he made $817 on Google Ads in December. That is amazing! It is big-time against the rules of Google AdSense to mention any revenue numbers your site generates, but I’ll go ahead and let you know that Russ makes about $817 more then me a month. Just kidding. I make a little more then nothing here on, better put makes about $816 a month more then me. Ha Ha….

Anyway, go read his post to learn something about maximizing the profits your website generates. And, don’t be surprised if you see some of his ideas implemented here. I’m not trying to make any “real” money with the ad revenue. All I’m really trying to do is pay for my hosting fees, my new flickr account (I need to pay for that this week), and maybe put my boys through Texas A&M University. Joking again….. I’d just like to get one of there educations paid for here, the wife is in-charge of the other one. Get to work Katie….

I’m done, the post has gotten out-of-hand.


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