Ryne “Ryno” Sandberg – Hall of Famer

I clipped the following from an ESPN article
“Sandberg, a 10-time All-Star and nine-time Gold Glove winner, played from 1981-97, spending his entire career with the Cubs, except for six at-bats with Philadelphia at the start. Sandberg, who came back in 1996 after a year off, has the highest fielding percentage among second basemen at .989 and his 277 homers were the most by a second baseman at the time of his retirement.”

Ryne Sandberg was my first baseball hero. In 1981, when Ryno was starting his career I was 7, just a little kid. When he retired in 1997 I was 23 and had just graduated college. I can’t count the number of Chicago Cubs games I watched over Ryne Sandberg’s career, but I didn’t miss all that many thanks to WGN.

I couldn’t be more excited about Ryno making it into the Hall. Forget that he was one of the best offensive 2nd baseman to ever play when he retired. He WAS the best defensive 2nd baseman ever.

Congratulations Ryne Dee Sandberg. You are a Hall of Famer.

I’m adding some good links to Ryne Sandberg info/articles/stats.
The BaseBallPage.com


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