Fightin’ Texas Aggie Basketball…

Have you been following the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Men’s Basketball team this year? I haven’t been paying that much attention. And why should I have been paying attention? Yes, a good Ag would follow his sports programs, but they’ve sucked at basketball for so long….. There really wasn’t any point in investing the time to stay up-to-speed with the program.


Before yesterday’s game against the Kansas Jayhawks the Aggies were sitting at 11-0. Let me repeat that. ELEVEN WINS AND ZERO LOSSES! That definitely warranted the “All Caps” I just threw down. The Ags made it through 2 months of the season without a loss. I think everyone, including myself, were expecting the Aggies to get throttled by Kansas. So last night when I hit to check the score and get a game recap I was pleasantly surprised to see the headline ESPN used for the game, “Texas A&M proves it’s for real in loss”. And sure enough, the Aggies were in it until the end. With 0:12 on the clock they were only down by 1.

I gotta say it, I sure am proud of the team so far this year. I’m actually going to actively seek out televised games to follow them a little better.


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  1. Chad

    It’s the year of the Aggies (school year at least)…football team did better than expected (or so it seemed), and the basketball team is starting off well.

    As for my Gators, the football team sucked, and the basketball team has already lost to both Miami and Florida State. What happened to the Billy Donovan teams that made it to the Final Four? It will get better…I hope.

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