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Here at work are projects have hundreds of JavaScript files that make up the presentation layer. The majority of the people here use JEdit to edit those files, JEdit is almost the company default. When working on the Java code that makes up the core part of our application everyone uses Eclipse, Eclipse being our company standard.

To me it seems odd that we can’t use Eclipse for both Java and JavaScript development. Obviously the problem is Eclipse doesn’t handle JavaScript files well. I’m assuming that some of you out there have this same problem. What do you do for your projects? I’m looking for a way to use Eclipse as my single editor.

I did try installing JSEditor. The only JavaScript Eclipse plugin that I could find. The problem is that after installing it I could never get Eclipse to recognize it. This appears to be a documented bug with Eclipse. There was even a supposed work around, but the work around didn’t help me.


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  1. Rudy Ho

    Hi Erik,
    We have created a JavaScript Development tool for the Eclipse environment that you may want to try. Here are the product features (JS-Sorcerer):

    – Ensures correct use of DOM APIs and core JavaScript objects
    – Verifies consistency and completeness of JavaScript within a web page
    – Enables developers to write browser-independent JavaScript
    – Provides a powerful mechanism for developers to build their own JavaScript libraries
    – Catches common JavaScript programming mistakes

    You can find more information on our website:

    We are conducting early access, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Rudy Ho
    DHI Technologies

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