Please, I Only Need One More Person…

I got suckered into the FreeIpod hoopla a month or so ago and I’ve just about got it. I only need ONE MORE PERSON to sign up. Could you please take a look. The deal is really legit and not that big of a deal.

All you do is click my link to sign-up. That will give me credit. Then you pick an offer and complete it. Offers aren’t really that bad. You can do the Blockbuster online thing, BMG Music club, Columbia House DVD club, etc. You only have to be a member for 15 days so the Blockbuster deal would cost you about $15, but you get to free in-store rentals so really that knocks your out-of-pocket cost down to like $7. Then you get 5 people to sign up for you and YOU get a free ipod.

Now, back to my sob story. I only need one more person to click my referrer link and sign-up. Can you help?

The next person to sign-up for me gets a lifetime membership to the Erik Weibust Christmas Card list. That should get people moving…..

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    Sorry Erik. I already tried this out. I’m impressed that you managed to get 4 folks.

  2. Erik Weibust

    How did things work for you? I’m guessing you had problems signing people up? I hate trying to get people signed up so I mostly just mention it to people I hear talking about wanting to buy an iPod but complain that they can’t afford it. I gently present the site as another option.

    I’ll probably just breakdown and make my mom sign up. 🙂

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