Cubs Trade Sosa…

Trade is the wrong word for what the Chicago Cubs did with Sosa. Try dump. They got a nobody, and some nobody prospects in return for Sosa. I can’t believe I missed all of this while I was offline this past weekend. I’m glad Sosa is gone. I think he hurt the “team chemistry”. Yup, I’m a believer in that stuff. I think he really hurt the team with his attitude and the negative press he was bringing to the club.

My real concern is what the Cubs plan on doing for runs this year. With the departure of Alou and now Sosa they’re short about 80 HRs and 180 RBIs. Those are serious numbers. Yes, if Wood and Prior are healthy they might not need to out slug other teams this year, but Sosa and Alou were the major run producers.

Oh well, they are the lovable losers….. 🙂


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  1. Chad Baker

    Too bad about the cards. Always good to get away for the weekend, though. I could have made up the losses in crab legs as well…need to find one of those “all-you-can-eat” deals somewhere.

    Now that I look up… I notice I’m commenting on the note about Sosa being traded…amazing that he has gone from one of the best sluggers in the league to just another clubhouse virus. He’ll be lost in Baltimore in no time.

  2. Erik Weibust

    The Sosa fall was amazing, but he brought it all upon himself. The guy just made some PR blunders that couldn’t be fixed. Chicago is a pretty forgiving town, but Sosa skipping out on the last game of the year pretty much sealed his fate….

  3. Chad

    I forgot about that…Orlando has just about the same feelings for Tracy McGrady after his comments on playing 100% only some of the time.

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