What a Weekend…

I took Katie to Shreveport this past weekend for her birthday. It was good for her and us. It was our first time away from the two boys since Zachary was born back in November. Katie’s mom and sister came up to baby-sit for us.

We stayed at the Isle of Capri. The room we got was awesome. Much better then I expected. It was really nice. With a large whirlpool bath, two large TVs, and one little one in the bathroom (I need to convince Katie to allow me to add a dish in our bathroom).

I wish I could say the gambling was as good as the room. We started our playing at the casino next to ours, Boomtown, and the only good thing I have to say is that our dealer was a joy to play with. The bad thing was that he took a big chunk of our gambling money. Katie and I both had crappy luck. It was fun, but we lost, and lost, and lost. We had a late lunch at Boomtown around 4:30 and decided to head over to the Isle and try our luck.

I wish I could report we started getting some cards and won our money back, but I can’t. The loosing kept on and we lost some more. The real bummer was that our dealer sucked. She drove us nuts. She would pretend over and over that she had blackjack when she had a ten card showing. It wasn’t funny the first time and it was friggin’ annoying by the tenth time she tried the joke. If there were more open seats we would have left the table within minutes.

After another round of giving our money away we hit the seafood buffet at the Isle of Capri for a late dinner. I tried to get even by eating pounds of crab legs.

Hopefully, my luck will turn this March when I head to Vegas for a long weekend with the guys.

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