Is anybody out there still using there Gmail accounts? Do you remember 6-9 months ago when everybody wanted a Gmail account? I never really used mine.

I actually use a “souped-up” Yahoo Mail account. Yup, I paid for the “Mail Plus” account. It does everything I need. And it doesn’t seem like any less of a web-mail account then Gmail. I actually prefer it because I’m able to use it to read my other POP mail accounts (erik at weibust dot net).

Now if I could read my mail in Gmail I might take another look at Gmail. Anyways, can anyone sell me on why I should be using Gmail?

Oh yeah, I also have some Gmail invites to give away if anybody wants to try it out and still doesn’t have an account. Just comment here or send me and email.

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  1. Chad Baker

    Gmail is the greatest mail program around. I’ve been using it (along with Thunderbird for some other email accounts) for just under a year now and love the interface. Old email just sits around most of the time. With Gmail, at least you can tag it with an appropriate label and retrieve it later. The fact that it stores conversations as individual units is also nice. No more finding the original email if someone should remove it from their reply. Everything is grouped and one click away. I give it two thumbs up.

  2. Mark

    As you can see from my email entry, gmail is my primary account. My wife and I sometimes use different machines to read emails so using an email tool just doesn’t work. So we went with web based mail tools. When I had internet access via, I tired to use their mail tool but hated it. Yahoo is nice and all but with all the adverts flashing and such I never really liked it. Then gmail came out and I was happy. Chad mentioned alot of things that i like about it so I will not repeat them. We now have verizon and their mail system only holds stuff or 30days and then deletes it. So gmail it is. BTW, I have 6 invites as well.


  3. Mark

    Almost forgot, you know how I hated the yahoo adds, well gmail adds are relevent. If my friends and I are talking cycling, there is an add for Trek, or Cervelo. Very nice.

    With Yahoo, if it wasn’t for AdBlock I don’t think I would even use that account anymore.

  4. Erik Weibust

    Guys I agree but wanted to reiterate that the main reason I use Yahoo is that it can be configured to receive my erik at weibust dot net mail. I don’t think you can do that with Gmail and I refuse to change my email address.

    Also, with the “Mail Plus” account I don’t get any ads. Yes, I pay for the service but the combination of not having any ads in my web-based mail and being able to read both my mail accts in one web-based app makes paying $19.95 a year worth it.


  5. Chad Baker

    I don’t see any feature like that at Gmail just yet, but you can always request it. They are still in beta, after all. Also, not sure how long ago you gave up on gmail, but you can now download gmail into any POP client.

  6. Erik Weibust


    The second I can use Gmail to read my mail I’m switching. Until then I’m staying with Yahoo.

    I think being able to use Gmail in other POP clients is cool, but I need all my mail available everywhere so I’m sticking with a web-based client.


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