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New Category alert! I’ve just started a new category related solely to my favorite IDE — Vim. I hope you get something out of these posts, and I’d love to get new tips and tricks from my army of readers out there…. 🙂

I use ‘w’ all the time. If you don’t use ‘w’ start using it now. It moves you from the first char of each word across a line. It’s great. Jump to the line you need to edit, maybe because you got a compile error on line xx. Then hit ‘w’ moving across the line one word at a time to the error you need to fix and make your change.

I also use one of ‘w’s close cousins ‘b’ a lot. ‘b’ moves you right to left across a line to the first char of each word just like ‘w’, but the opposite direction. If you can start using ‘w’ I’m sure you’ll want to use ‘b’.

What I need to figure out is how to move to the last char of a word(s). I’ve used the keystroke before. I just don’t use it as much as ‘w’ and ‘b’. When I figure it out, I’ll update this post.

The main reason for this post and the new category is to help me remember the new Vim tips and tricks I hear about. I figure the amount of time I spend commenting on these new features, trying to describe them to the world, should make my brain realize I want to remember them. Lets hope the ploy works. If not, you’ll get the Vim tips and tricks free of charge.

The keystroke/movement command I was looking for was ‘e’. Something else I learned was that for some reason you can use both lower-case or upper-case chars(‘w’, ‘W’, ‘b’, ‘B’, ‘e’, ‘E’) when using the three movement commands I mentioned in this post. I don’t understand the logic in ‘e’ being the same as ‘E’, but you can do it.

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  1. Mark

    *** tries to hold back the uncontrollable shaking****

    Vv vvv va vav vvaavaa VI editors are ee eeeevil.
    Esc, ctl-W I A type PING Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

    *** clicking mouse and keyboard together***

    There is no place like pico , there is no place like nano. There is no place like x-emacs.

    Go to a happy place, goto a happy place.


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