Everybody has 50 GMail Invites

I’ve read a number of blog posts in the last couple of days where people are trying to give away their fresh batch of GMail invites (most/all people were given 50). I’ve also read speculation that the invite-only admission policy is a way for Google to limit the rate at which spammers get GMail accounts.

My new thought is this…. Can Google not just keep the invitation-only policy of getting a GMail account when their Beta period is over? Then the GMail users would be responsible for keeping spammers out of the “club”. Think about the possibilities if this was how Google rolled-out GMail to the public. I could see a policy where if you are the person that gives a spammer an invite you get a “knock” against you, maybe the old “three strikes you’re out” policy could be implemented. Yes, Google would have to carefully define what is spam, and what a “spammer” is. I think it is possible, with the help of some good legal people.

Obviously, I have 50 GMail invites to give away. Let me know if you want one. I’ll probably try to give them away tonight at this month’s JavaMUG meeting.

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  1. Chad Baker

    Unfortunately, with a ratio of 50 invites to 1 account, the growth rate of “unwanted account holders” would be impossible to control, since every one of the bad guys could invite 50 more (since bad guys invite more bad guys). I think it’s more of a way for us current account holders to feel special, even though I’ve only given away two invites since joining because nobody wants one. … I think I’ve got a “Hmm…” for you on my site in just a minute. Stay tuned.

  2. Chad Baker

    Nevermind about the hmm…

  3. Erik Weibust

    How did Spamers get accts? What is wrong with terminating a spammers acct? How many spammers do you think currently have GMail accts? Tons? I’m guessing not that many.

    If the current number of spam accts is low, and you allow GMail acct holders to control who gets accts. I think you really could keep spammers from getting accts. Of course, this is all in a “make believe” world, but I really think it could work.

    And how can you tease me with a possible Hmm… topic and then not deliver?

  4. Kaweh

    I have so far only once received spam from a gmail account, and that address was spoofed.

    Guess I am lucky sofar.

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