My PowerBook Crashed Again..

Damn! I just pulled my PowerBook out of my bag, opened the lid, and nothing. Nothing! It was dead. No juice. I had this problem a number of times about 2 months ago and until I updated to OS X 10.3.7. I thought that was a solution. Since that update I hadn’t had the problem with my battery getting drained, or the machine not coming out of “sleep” mode.

Well, I’m not sure what the real problem is. I know there is no reason why my battery should drain like it did. The lid was closed, and even if it wasn’t closed PowerBooks go into sleep mode after X number of minutes of inactivity. So the battery should not have drained.

I’d like to say I’ll leave my system alone and monitor the situation, but with the OS X 10.3.8 release I think I’ll just do the upgrade and watch for problems. I also think it might be time to bite-the-bullet and buy the Apple Care warranty I’ve been wanting to purchase.

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