Construction Warning…

Consider yourself warned… I’m about to start some serious construction here at Erik’s… Hmm…

I’d like to start by enabling categories, and then start displaying them. Since I started this blog I’ve assigned a category to each of my posts. The problem is that I’ve got 25 different categories. Is that a problem? Is there something wrong with too many categories? One thing that is awkward with a ton of categories is that if I decide to display them in a “nav bar” on the side of my page the list will stretch way down the page (way down is being used here to mean “a very long list that doesn’t look good”). I’ll use the help of one of my favorite MT sites to get the category stuff figured out.

Once, I’m happy with my category implementation I think I’m gonna do some work on the “nav bar”. I might even add one to both sides of my page. I’ve got a lot of content I want listed in my “nav bar”. I want to get a flickr badge created for my site. I’d like to add a blogroll. Now that the links from my regular commenters are being counted by Google I’d like to give them some credit via a blogroll. There are other changes I want in my “nav bar”, but the part of my brain where those changes are stored has gone to sleep so I’ll just add them here in an update tomorrow or something. (Yes, I know I started rambling there…)

Anyhow, consider yourself warned. I’m gonna be making changes here and things might get a little ugly. Hopefully, in the end I’ll have a better product.

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  1. David M.

    I removed the categories from my blog because I would write something but couldn’t find a category that suited it, so I thought about creating another one, but over time it started to get too overwhelming trying to fit something into an existing category. So I opted to stick to the KISS principle.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah David. I have struggled with this for the longest time. I’ve decided I’m gonna take my 25 categories down to something like 5-7 with a Misc category. Readers of this site will then be able to “opt out” of my personal stuff, or my sports stuff, etc.

  3. Mark

    Same here, the KISS idiom is perfect. When ever I get my new blog tool running I’ll probably just go with my big 5, Religion, Sports, Tech, Entertainment and Family.

  4. David M.

    That sounds interesting Eric. I’ll keep my eye open to see how things go here and I may like it enough to give it a try on my blog.

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