J2EE SIG Presentation Tonight, 2/16/05

I’m re-posting my announcement for the Dallas J2EE Sig here on my blog. If you know anybody in the Dallas area please send them this info.

Also, tomorrow I will again be leading the Hands On portion of the J2EE Sig’s “Learning J2EE” series. Tomorrow I will help you build your first Servlets and then deploy them as a Web Application.


Wed/Thurs J2EESig: Show Me the Guts Man!

When it helps to get a pure and clean understanding of the basic building blocks, session 2 of – J2EE Programming with Passion – to the rescue! Wed lecture, Thurs Hands On.

How to build a Web Application/Servlet Basics

Tom Barrett – Sun Microsystems Java Guru/Evangelist

Tom will be going into great detail on building web applications and creating Servlets. You will leave this meeting much smarter then when you came, even if you are an advanced J2EE Developer. Tom will build on what he covered last month when he introduced us all to Sun’s vision of J2EE. This month will be very specific. Code? Yes, there will be code. You will get some high-level details, but I suspect the amount of detail Tom will go into will be amazing. Tom Barrett is an outstanding presenter and you don’t want to miss this presentation.

You may wish to tell your friends in the office who need the more basic building blocks defined and understood in their work life to attend. You also want to tell your more senior developers to attend so they can find out what they DON’T know about Servlets.

Directions can be found here. Remember to come at 6:30 to socialize with everyone and be seated and ready to learn by 7:00pm.

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