Selling my 20 GB iPod…

Yeah, I’m selling my 20 GB iPod. It’s a 3rd Generation model in very good to excellent shape. It’s 13 months old. The only problem is that the ear-buds won’t be for sale. They’re not in the best shape (see this post)and they’ve been in my ears for the past 13 months. Yuck….

Why am I selling my iPod? Not because I don’t love it, I do. The problem is my music library is much larger then the 20 GB capacity that my iPod has. The day I sell my current iPod will be the day I get a new/old 40 GB model.

If you have a 40 GB model you’re looking to sell or if you know someone that has one and wants to sell it please let me know. Also, let me know where you’ve found the best prices on iPods.

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