Nokia 6230…

Well, after a couple weeks with the Motorola V551 I realized it wasn’t for me. It was my first “flip-phone” and I just couldn’t get used to the new form factor. So I boxed it up and took it back to my local Cingular store.

The phone I walked out with is the kick-ass Nokia 6230. What an awesome phone! I actually planned on buying it when I got the Motorola V551, but they were out at the time. The 6230 is great. The buttons are small, but I have no problem with “fat-fingering” the wrong keys. Their response is great. If you’ve used a Nokia picking up the 6230 and using it is no different then anything else from them. Yes, the 6230 has a few new features that I haven’t had before in a cell phone. It’s got the digital camera, a digital movie camera, a FM radio, and best of all, BlueTooth.

I’m still not sure what all I can do with BlueTooth and my PowerBook, but I’ll figure it out when I have some free time.

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  1. Chad Baker

    Nice… I’m with Nextel and just got the i830 (silver) to replace my brick of a phone, the i55sr. So nice to be able to slip the phone in my pocket and not even notice it’s there.

  2. Erik Weibust


    It looks like you’ve also got an awesome phone. I read a review on and they say that the i830 is “smaller then a deck of cards”. Nice….

  3. Mark

    In my world a cell phone is the following:

    Item that sits in glove compartment of a car and is only turned on and used for 1 of 3 reasons. Order take out, call ahead to say that I will be late for a group cycling ride, and to find out, while at the supermarket, what I forgot to put on my shopping list.

    All I know about my phone is it was free when I signed up thru AAA, for 19bucks a month. Wish I could pay less but that’s the cheapest plan they offer.

    Yes I know, I’m weird. 😉

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