I Think This All The Time…

Should I post that? Will anyone care if I mention this? Will my co-workers get mad if I mention that? I can’t post that….

I read a post on one of my favorite blogs, x180.net, that talked about this same subject. The subject of censoring yourself. I do it here all the time. I ask myself those questions I listed above a lot of times and then end up either not posting, deleting a post I’ve started, or just leave the posts in some state, but unfinished. And I HATE that.

erik.weibust.net is my site. It’s my thoughts on the stuff I want to write about. Should I be censoring myself? I obviously shouldn’t write stuff that will get me in trouble with work or the law, but other then that I feel I should just “post away”.

The other thing that kind of falls under the “censoring myself” category is me not posting stuff because it will either take to long, or I’m worried about taking the time to fix the spelling/grammar errors. I HATE that, too!

Look for less self-censorship here at erik.weibust.net and more frequent posts that are short, long, possibly offensive, badly worded, littered with mis-spelling, but mostly just stuff I’m currently “kicking around”.

*** tangent warning ***
I mentioned x180.net above in this post. I credit it’s author, James Duncan Davidson, for turning me on to the whole world of blogs. I saw James speak back in late-2002 at the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium here in Dallas. He spent a few minutes mentioning his site and his blog. I had never even heard the term, blog, before. Anyhow, ever since then I’ve been reading James’ blog and it’s one of my favorites. Go check it out.
*** tangent warning ***

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  1. David M.

    Hey Erik, I know exactly what your going through. I’ve been in the “to post or not to post” state of thinking myself, but my thinking always boils down to “I don’t care if they like it or not”. I recall a time I was afraid to post some heavy metal lyrics on my site because I was afraid everyone would think “What is a Christian doing listening to heavy metal, rock and roll and all that junk?” But I posted them anyhow, because I decided that this is me, I am no different than anyone else, except for 1 thing, I speak my mind instead of hiding it to please everyone elses standards.

    Awwwww Dude, You hit a chord over here… hahahaha

  2. Chad Baker

    Isn’t there a term for this…”Bloggers Dilemma”, or something. If there’s not, then there should be. I get frustrated all the time as well. When I read a post at someone’s site that is honest and personal and doesn’t hold back, it gets me that much closer to breaking through the fears that somebody might be offended or think I’m crazy. In the end, these posts usually makes for better conversation.

    On the other hand, honest posts could kill your run for President.


  3. Erik Weibust

    Holy crap! I got James Duncan Davidson posting a comment on my blog!

    I think I’m gonna print this post out and put it up on my cube wall….. I’ve got some “street cred” now. 🙂

  4. Erik Weibust

    David and Chad,

    I’m going with the “say what you want” philosophy here. I’m not necessarily trying to offend people, but I understand I most likely will offend…

    And I’m gonna try to deal with the “Bloggers Dilemma” crap….

  5. David M.

    I agree with you Erik. I very very highly doubt you will even come close to offending me. I am always open to others opinions and views. It’s what makes me a better person. 🙂

    Opinions are like A**holes, everyone has one and they usually stink!

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