Yikes… Firefox is in Trouble…


I just read an article on TheServerSide.net titled, “Firefox Is Heading Towards Trouble.” I sure would be pissed if Firefox stopped being developed at 1.0.1. That said, if Firefox is done at least they got Microsoft working on IE again.

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  1. Mark

    With all due respect, but any article posted on a site that supports .net (ie MS products and protocals) must be questioned.

    It wasn’t long ago when sites used to have that stupid Best Viewed With IE sign. Many developers would love nothing more then for Firefox to just go away so they go back to being lazy.

  2. Andy Hoffman

    I agree with Mark about postings on TSS.NET. If you go look at the blog this came from (http://www.steelgryphon.com/blog/), the fellow who wrote it has clarified each of the points and notes how the non-Firefox work may dovetail back to Firefox.

    Even as it stands now, I could keep using Firefox with out a lot of changes.

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