How Fast is Your Connection…

This post was inspired by Russ Beattie’s post on the same subject. He’s got me beat in the download category (1468 kbps vs 1631 kbps) but I win the upload speed contest (712 kbps vs 418 kbps). What kind of speeds do you get? Go hit the speed test page on to find out.

2005-03-15 23:05:18 EST: 1468 / 712
Your download speed : 1503727 bps, or 1468 kbps.
A 183.5 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 729793 bps, or 712 kbps

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  1. Chad Baker

    I don’t want to even try from work. Our connection makes a trip to NYC before heading out to the web for good and things are generally a little slower. From home, I shall try later.

  2. Chad Baker

    Oh yeah, I see the ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ has been put into effect… no wild tales of thousand dollar hands and betting it all on black?

  3. Randy Wiseman

    I went to someone’s blog that I could remember off the top of my head, to test out the characteristics of a new attribute to the <a> html tag, e.g.,
    <a href=””>discount pharmaceuticals</a>

    This new attribute was recently adopted to fight comment spam, that people are using unethically to raise their page ranking with search engines. See:

    Anyway, back to the topic of speed:
    Using Verizon’s 1-way, download speedtest (I have VZ DSL service),, I get 1542kbps, and with the test from, I get:
    download speed 1468 kbps
    upload speed 134 kbps

    I know why Verizon omits the upload portion from their test — the result stinks! But, since I don’t usually upload very much stuff, I can live with the result.

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