Sheets of Integrity…

Well, it’s NCAA Tourney Time, and I’ve finished my “Sheets of Integrity”. That’s a great term I first heard on “Mike and Mike in Morning” on ESPNRadio to describe multiple NCAA Tourney brackets filled out by the same person. The key is that the picks vary from sheet to sheet. I personally, rolled out 3 different versions this year.

Summing things up with my Final Fours:

Sheet of Integrity 1
Illinois over Wake Forest
Kansas over Duke
Illinois beating Kansas for the championship.

Sheet of Integrity 2
Illinois over Wake Forest
North Carolina over Kentucky
Illinois beating North Carolina for the championship.

Sheet of Integrity 3
Illinois over Wake Forest
Duke over North Carolina
Illinois beating Duke for the championship.

I’m obviously very confident that the Fightin’ Illini can win the tourney, but who they beat is a little foggy.

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