Round 1 Recap…

First off, I would have kept everyone updated on my brackets had I not been on my death bed yesterday. Bad Stuff! The kind that keeps you close to the bathroom….. (sorry if that was a little graphic for you, but it was much worse on my end…)

Sheet of Integrity 1- 23/32
-Kansas loosing pretty much killed this bracket. I had Kansas loosing to Illinois in the Championship. I also gotta add that Syracuse let me down. I had Syracuse playing Duke and loosing in Round 3. Lastly, LSU loosing was the first “problem” on my bracket as I had them winning in the 2nd Round to Arizona.

Sheet of Integrity 2- 24/32
This is my best bracket, as of now, with only two future round picks eliminated. I had Kansas beating Wisconsin, but loosing to U Conn. And I had Syracuse beating Old Dominion, but getting beat by Duke. So this bracket can still do some damage.

Sheet of Integrity 3- 23/32
Sheet of Integrity 3 as of Round 1 looks bad, but it’s not a complete loss, yet. I had Kansas loosing to U Conn, I had LSU loosing to OK St, and I had Syracuse loosing to Duke. For this bracket to hold up I need people taking Kansas and Syracuse deep into the tourney.

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