Flickr… Sold…

Well, Flickr was bought by Yahoo. I’m not sure how I feel about this news. On first thought, I wasn’t that excited, but after thinking more about it I think it could be very good.

I’m a proud user of Yahoo! Mail Plus. It’s a quality product/service that I’ve used for years. I recently tried to switch to GMail but found it to be light-years behind Yahoo! Mail Plus.

Flickr is absolutely a quality product/service. I guess putting the two together should work well. I think the best case will be Yahoo letting the Flickr people do what they do and slowly bring them into the Yahoo “way of doing things.” Not that I know “how” Yahoo does things, but that making drastic changes to a company that is doing things very well on it’s own doesn’t sound like a way to improve on a product.

Will Flickr become Yahoo! Photo? Will the name Flickr simply go away? I don’t know. I’m sure there will be tons posted on the internet on the subject.

Here are some good reads on the subject:
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