Big News Here, Quick Version…

That last post was definitely a record for me in the word count category. Let me give a quick recap.

On Friday, April 1, my birthday and April Fools Day I did two huge, life changing things. First, I accepted a job to go work in a software startup venture. Second, I quit my job with CCS, giving them my two-weeks notice.

CCS didn’t accept my two-weeks so I’ll be starting my new job Monday, April 11. I will be working in a Unix/Java shop writing a cutting-edge Rich Internet Application (RiA).

Lastly, I’m holding-back all the juicy details about the new job until I actually start and know what is and is not “off limits” for my blogging pleasure.

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  1. Frank Merenda

    Hey man, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

    (better late than never 🙂


  2. Erik Weibust

    Thanks Frank!

    The new job is great. I can’t wait to be able to blog about how fast we’re moving. In the next week I think I’ll have an “alpha” release to point people to.


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