Wilco Show in Houston…

Katie and I went to the Wilco show in Houston on Saturday night. One word will sum it up, AWESOME! Yes, they are my favorite band. Yes, they could have sounded like dog-shit and I would have called it awesome. And YES, they DID sound AWESOME!

The show was great! They fired-off damn near all the tracks on their latest album, A Ghost is Born. They mixed in a number of songs from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and
only played a song or two from Summer Teeth, Being There (easily my favorite Wilco album) and A.M.

Wilco started the show by coming out and playing for almost an hour. Then after a short break they got back on stage and played another 4 or 5 songs. Then they finished with a 3 song encore, playing Misunderstood (hands-down, my favorite Wilco song), Passenger Side, and California Stars.

I have to say one thing that disappointed me about the show… They didn’t play enough of their early stuff. I think that stuff is great and they really seem to distance from it. I’ve talked to a number of friends that have seen them in other cites and they say the same things, not enough of the old stuff, so I know it wasn’t just a random set list avoiding the old stuff. I was lucky enough to see Wilco right before Summer Teeth was released. Their catalog wasn’t that large so they had to play a ton of stuff from Being There and A.M.

Anyways…. The Wilco show in Houston was great. They’ll be touring on and off over the next few months. I highly recommend checking them out.

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