Gone to Rome…

Yup, you read that correctly. I’ve gone to ROME. ROME is an acronym for Rss and atOM utilitiEs.

I spent a week or so working with the Jakarta Commons project FeedParser, but my boss though I should check out ROME. After spending a little over a day with ROME it looks to provide what I need in a clean, well documented, easy to use API.

ROME is a project hosted on java.net. There is also a Wiki for the project that has loads of helpful docs/tutorials on using ROME to parse all flavors of RSS.

Here are some shortcuts to useful ROME links:
– the ROME project page
– the ROME Wiki
– A blog post “How ROME works”.
– ROME tutorials

I highly recommend the link I listed above titled, “How ROME works”. It’s a post on Dave Johnson’s blog where he goes into great detail on how ROME works and how it’s classes interact.

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