Bad 80s Music Strikes Again…

Katie and I went to see the play Amadeus tonight at the Plano Repertory Theatre. The PRT is a step or two up from community theatre, but we’re not talking Broadway. Anyhow, the play was real good. Better then average acting and a cool set. I hate to admit it but I always rate a show by it’s set. A real good acting job can’t save a show with a bad set…..

Ok, you obviously know where I’m going with the music thing in the title of this post. I couldn’t keep that damn Rock me Amadeus” song from Falco out of my head while watching the play. I doubt I was the only person in there affected by that horrible piece of the 80s….

How about my varied tastes. Last week an unbelievable concert in Wilco, and this week Amadeus. And yes, I’ve just blogged about Wilco and Falco in the same post. Jeff Tweedy will be pissed (I know he reads my blog).

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  1. Mark

    Since you liked the play, by all means check out the movie. And when you do, crank up the surround sound.

    You’ll be glad you do. Even my folks don’t mind that movie with a bit more volume.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah, the plan is to rent it this week. I saw that it is highly rated on

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