Which Version of Eclipse…

I hate to admit my stupidity on the subject, but I am not sure which Eclipse download I want. This is for a new Fedora Core desktop. Do I get the Linux (x86/Motif) version or the Linux (x86/GTK 2)?

Yes, I could hit Google and do some research on the differences between Motif and GTK, but if somebody could quickly point me in the right decision I would appreciate it.

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  1. Frank Merenda

    hey man!
    long time no see, I need to get your site sydnicated again!

    You want the GTK2 version. 🙂
    I just installed 3.1M7 today, it’s screamin’! You may want to try it out….

    the download


  2. Erik Weibust

    Hey Frank!!!! How the heck are you? Did you grow that hair back? 🙂

    Thanks for the tip. If Uptime were still around I’d push for something from you on the difference b/t GTK and Motiff.


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