The Cubs Suck…

Yeah, it hurt me to type that title, but the Cubs do suck… Their middle relief is bad, they’ve got no closer, and they can’t hit. Wood is on the DL AGAIN and I’m afraid his career is over…

Do the Cubs miss Matt Clement? Hell yes! Do they miss Sosa? Hell Yes! Do they miss Alou? Hell yes!

And most of all… I miss Chip and Stoney in the booth. 🙁

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  1. Chad

    At least they aren’t the Yankees (tied with Tampa for last in their division). I’m surprised that with Baltimore’s success this year, there hasn’t been more talk of Sammy Sosa. I’m not sure what kind of year he is having, but he must be contributing.

  2. Erik Weibust

    First I’ll say that I’m out on AL baseball. I don’t even like comparing stuff in the AL to the NL….

    That said. Sosa is hitting .269 with 4 HRs. Not too bad considering he hasn’t seen the majority of the pitchers he’s facing…

    Clement is doing much better. He’s 3-0 with 28 K’s in 36 IP.

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