Who Would Have Guessed…

Think back to the summer of 2004. Think back to the crazy political battle being waged. We had an “intellectual”. A “well-educated”, “overly-bright” man. That was John Kerry. Then in the other corner we had a man that was made fun of. A man that people joked about because they didn’t think he was the “sharpest” man. Some people went as far as calling him “dumb”. That was the President of the United States, President Bush.

Now, we can read on CNN.com in “Kerry, Bush had similar grades” that actually these two men are equally intelligent, or equally dumb, if you rather. I’m not trying to stir up ill-feelings, but I just am so amused to see that from an education standpoint Bush and Kerry got very similar grades……

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  1. Chad

    If there’s one thing in life that means everything but shouldn’t mean anything at all, it’s school grades. Still interesting to see that the leaders of our country were just like every other average joe in that they slacked off in their electives.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Ha Ha. Chad…. I have to admit that I slacked off in a lot more then just my electives. As President Bush and myself have proved… a little slacking in college won’t hold you back.

    Did you like how I lump myself and the President together? 🙂


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