Java Guy Learning Macromedia Flex

With the new job I have the task of adding Macromedia Flex developer to my Java technology heavy resume.

I’m feeling really dumb right now. It’s literally me working through all the “Hello World” Flex stuff, reading Flex FAQs, and searching for good Flex blogs. There are some real good tutorials out on the Macromedia Flex Developer site that I’ve worked through. Also, I’ve found some good sites/blogs that I keep going back to.

So…. For future reference I’m adding the links here. If I’m missing any sites please pass the links along in the comment section.

start here:
Great Flex Overview Presentation from Macromedia (I would watch this presentation before looking at the links below)

then read these for some good tutorials:
Flex intro from a Flash developer perspective
Learning Flex Basics (Part 1): Creating Your First Flex Application
Learning Flex Basics (Part 2): Creating a Flex Calculator
Learning Flex Basics (Part 3): Working with Containers
Learning Flex Basics (Part 4): Working with Data Models

flex community sites/blogs:
CFLEX: Community Macromedia Flex flex archive
Flex Authority

Macromedia Flex Developer Center
Macromedia Flex Site
Macromedia Flex FAQ
Infoworld Flex article about upcoming Eclipse plugin

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  1. Tariq Ahmed

    Oh, don’t worry you’re not the only one. 🙂 I definitely felt the same way. The second I heard about a project coming my way I had the Coldfusion based solution in my head. With Flex I felt like a newbie, and it was definitly hard to adjust to that feeling of not being sure of how to do something. Once you get through a couple of small projects you get over that hurdle. But good to see you’ve joined the bandwagon, it’s gonna be a great ride!

    – Tariq of

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