Weekend With the Boys…

In about 5 minutes I’m getting in my car and heading down to Austin to meet some pledge brothers from the college days. From Austin we will head down to Matagorda, TX to meet another group of guys from Houston. We are spending the weekend at the Full Stringer Lodge. There will be much beer, little sleep, and lots o’ fun….

We did this same trip last year with 20+ guys. We went out with 7 boats to fish the Gulf on the Saturday of the trip. Wer’e doing the same thing this year. The reason I mention this is that last year, of the 7 boats, mine was the only one that didn’t catch any fish. Others brought in 20-30. Mine brought in a big FAT ZZEEERRRROOO. I’ll be with the same guys as last year. We’re hoping for at least 1…………. High Hopes….

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