What to Install on new Laptop???

As I noted a couple of times (here and here) I have a new laptop. I’ve spent the last week trying to work on it while installing and configuring the applications/ tools I can’t live/ work without.

Here is where I’m at today:
-J2SE 5.0
-Eclipse 3.1
-Yahoo Instant Messenger
-MySQL 4.1
-Jakarta Tomcat 5.5
-Microsoft Office 2003
-Macromedia Flex Builder
-Palm Desktop

I’m anxious to know what I should add? What are you’re favorites?

I guess I should note that this laptop came preloaded with Apple’s iTunes which I thought was very cool. Yes, the second I started it up I had to upgrade to iTunes 4.9, but I was still fired-up to see that HP preloaded it. Buzzkill, I guess HP loads it because they now sell iPods, but it’s still cool.

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  1. Mark

    To begin I would swap YIM for Gaim since I have friends and family on three different protocols.

    Gimp2.0, ZoneLabs firewall, Adaware, Spybot, RssReader, ClamWin Virus, Skype, xnview, Winamp, Audacity, Nimiq, and Klite Codec pack so I can watch Divx, Xvid, etc etc.

    But then again my laptop isn’t for work. 😉

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