New Program: Wake Up Early and Jog…

This week I started a new “personal program”. I’m waking up 40 minutes earlier and I’m jogging. I’ve found it hard to get my runs in in the evening with a baby and a toddler wanting my attention. And running at night after they go to bed was keeping me up to late. So the new plan is to hit the pavement before they wake up.

I’m two for two. I’ve gotten up early and ran both Monday and Tuesday. To implement the getting up early part of the plan I’m following the “get up at the same time 7 days a week and go to bed when you’re tired” plan. It goes against everything I’ve heard about getting in a routine with the same bedtime and wake-up time. So far I feel good. I read about the plan on the following blogs, (here and here).

I’ll post a quick status on my success with the program about once a week, or until I call it quits…

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  1. Mark

    If I may comment on the running aspect. I don’t know what distances you are running, your past running experience, etc etc etc, but I do know that running everyday is rather taxing on the body.

    I could find you numerous links which suggest 2 on 1 off, 2 on. Using the off day to improve flexiability.

    Just my worthless $0.02

  2. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mark….

    Thanks for the advice. I, kind of knowing your background, know that you know a thing or two about training. I’d love for you to post those links here.

    FYI. My quick background. I played football and ran both the mile and 2-mile in high school. I didn’t run at all in college, unless from bar to bar counts. And now, I run on and off. Currently, I’m trying to be more regular. I have a treadmill that got boring, so now I’m running outside.

    I’ll probably train for a marathon in the next couple of years, but right now I’m just runing 3 miles every morning.


  3. Mark

    No problem I’ll go an hunt them down again. If I remember correctly one was at RunnersWorld and the other might have been at NewEngland runner. Give me a few and I’ll get back to you.

    My answer for treadmills is Gore-tex, or something the like. Hate indoor training with a passion. I’d rather run outside in the freezing rain then run 10mins indoors on a treadmill. 😉

    With the family in full swing, my days of long training days are pretty much over. That’s why I did the 1/2 ironman prior to starting our family with Zack.

  4. Erik Weibust

    My treadmill sits in my home-office about a foot away from a nice 25-inch TV so I don’t get too bored. I can watch a ball game and run for an hour easy. Sometimes I go for two hours….

  5. Mark

    Did some checking and I can’t find the articles anymore. Just dead links. So I looked around and found this link which shows advanced runners training for a 5K doing no more then 3 days in a row.,5033,s6-51-55-0-6406-4-2X5X9-4,00.html

    How that translates to marathon training is out of my experience level? I have only done a 1/2 by itself and of course at the end of a tri. A number of my training buddies have competed in marathons with one of them now hooked. I’ll talk to him and see if I can get some training info for you.

    As always, everybody’s body is different. (YMMV)

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