The National League Sucks…

What a disgrace! The National League lost to the American League, the junior circuit, again last night. That runs the AL winning streak to EIGHT FRIGGIN’ GAMES! It makes me crazy. I am obviously not an AL fan and them owning the NL like they have been is killing me.

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  1. Mark

    And please excuse my baseball ignorance but….its MLB, how can one side be worse then another? One side has the DH and the other does not(which I have never under stood). The league that uses the DH would seem to me, again remember its me talking, would be alot harder because you have that one extra quality hitter. The other side has the pitchers batting which to me is alway funny to see. Even my wife, who knows even less about MLB then I do, thought it was funny how pitchers act up at the plate.

    If I am missing something please let me know, it won’t be an insult. 😉

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yes, it’s all MLB, but there are tons of differences between the way AL baseball is played and how NL baseball is played. The AL ends up being mostly about hitting the ball hard and racking up runs. The NL is much more about baseball fundamentals and strategy. The NL game is about moving runners over. Getting them in scoring position, and then across the plate.

    I could go on and on, but the games are really very different. That damn DH ruins the AL. I can’t even watch a couple of innings without getting mad.


  3. Jay Rodriguez

    It’s not about the DH. When the AL plays in the any NL stadium the DH is out. So, when both leagues play against each other it is even. Only 3 teams in the AL did not finish above .500 during interleague play. Even the Royals were 10-8 during interlague play. If anything when the AL doesn’t use the DH it is them who is at a disadvantage…when was the last time Roy Halladay or any AL pitcher had a plate appearence?

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