Sam Houston – Congressman, Governor, Senator, and President


Originally uploaded by Erik Weibust.

This past Saturday we took the boys for their first picnic at the Sam Houston Statue. The massive statue sits along I-45 on the South side of Huntsville, Texas.

We pass it every time we go down to Houston. I’ve passed it hundreds of times and never stopped. I love the statue and was real excited when Katie said we should stop and have a picnic. The facilities the statue sit on are beautiful. Behind the statue in the woods are a handful of picnic tables and a small amphitheater (where the head of Sam sits).

If you aren’t from Texas you wouldn’t know what a badass Sam Houston was. I posted a couple of pictures of plaques that list some of his accolades. You can also hit the website for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum that covers his legacy in detail.

Quickly summing up what Sam Houston did: U.S. Congressman, Governor of Tennessee, President of Texas (Yes, Texas was it’s own country!), U.S. Senator, and Governor of Texas. Throwing away everything he did but the two stints as governor would be enough to warrant a statue, but the guy was/is an American Legend.

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