New Feed – Just Java Posts…

I’ve come to the conclusion that a chunk of what I blog about is a little “extreme” for the average Java guy looking for the average Java-blog. With that thought in mind I’ve just created a “java only” feed. I’ll get a link up on my site here shortly, but for those that just can’t wait feel free to subscribe to the java feed here.

I have also finally signed this blog up over at java.blogs. Part of what was keeping me from signing up was that I didn’t have the “java only” feed. I do now and now you can catch me there

Disclaimer: I’m in the process of finding the right Java-based blog tool to move this site to and things might have to change. I’d assume that all blogs support “category-based” feeds, but I haven’t confirmed it.

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  1. Chad

    Nice…the subscribers at java blogs will undoubtedly throw some extra traffic your way and bring some good discussion on all your java posts.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah, that’s the plan. Hopefully, by getting some comments to my Java related posts here I can keep some of my “dumb” questions off the mailing-lists.


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