Need a Webhost With Tomcat…

As I’ve blogged about here and here. I’m about to move this blog to a Java-based tool. With that move I’ll obviously need a webhost that supports Java and specifically offers a web-container. I’ve found a couple that look good and are very affordable. It’s down to and

I’d like to be real cheap and go with a shared JVM/Tomcat instance, but I think I’ll throw in the extra couple of dollars and get a private JVM/Tomcat instance. I really like this private Tomcat instance plan at for only $14.95/month.

I’m open to feedback by those of you out there that are happy with your hosts.

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  1. Greg Trasuk

    Have a look at (Also a Canadian company, curiously). You get a virtual machine on a freeBSD server, with full root access to your VM. Runs tomcat/jboss/whatever. Also pretty cheap.

  2. Simon Brown

    I use, which is good value and great service.

  3. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the tip Greg, but I’m not really a freeBSD guy. The price looks good, though.


  4. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Simon,

    Do you mind telling me which plan you went with. I’m guessing you went with their Developer plan getting the private JVM.


  5. JavaGeek

    I’m also in the process of moving my website from self-hosting to a hosting company. I haven’t created my account yet, but my choice for hosting will be eapps ( Why? Not only do I get a private JVM/Tomcat, but a whole “private” server, with their support for Virtual Private Server, which lets you be root of your own virtual server. And all that (with tomcat) for only $20/month.

  6. Mark

    I’m currently with 4java and looking for somewhere else to host my java apps. The environment is not horrible but the support is very limited. Only one ticket response per day – when they respond at all. How did eapps pan out?


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