Favorite Java Book…

After my last post, writing negatively about a Java book, I felt it would be nice to write a positive post about a Java book.

Here goes…

I’m writing about my single, favorite Java book of all time! That would easily be Head First Servlets and JSP. The book does an amazing job of explaining complicated material. Also, different from explaining the material, it teaches you the material. I’d argue that teaching and explaining are two different concepts and both are important.

If I need a high level understanding of a concept/technology then having something explained is sufficient, but if I’m going to USE a concept/technology then I need to have something explained and I like to be “taught” the material. Anyhow, Head First Servltets and JSP does both teach and explain better then any Java book I’ve read.

An added bonus is that Head First Servlets and JSP is funny. Laugh out loud funny. If you haven’t read it you need to. I can say that any level of J2EE developer will get something from this book. Buying (it’s real cheap at nerdbooks.com) and reading this book is worth the time and money.

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  1. Nathan Smith

    I used that book to pass the SCWCD exam back in April, and it was a good time. However, if I were to throw in a vote for my favorite Java book, I’d have to go with Josh Bloch’s Effective Java.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Good Vote, Nathan.

    I haven’t heard a single negative review of that book. I have no excuse for not reading it. I’ll add it to my must read queue.

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