Rafael Palmeiro is a Disgrace…

Rafael Palmeiro is a fraud and a liar. Not only was he shoving Viagra into his system, but Rafael Palmerio was also shoving steroids into his system.

I hope Rafael retires and is never heard from again. I also hope he is banned from the game after the tirade he went on at the Senate Congressional hearings on steroids in sports.

Ban him! Ban him for life!

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  1. Chad

    I find it hard to believe that ANY baseball player would knowingly OR “unknowingly” use steroids at this point. Anything that goes into their body should be questioned, especially when it comes to supplements and such. Palmeiro seems like an honest person, I’ll be interested to here how this plays out. If he has lied all along, I agree…kick him out for good.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Even if he says it was mistake, I say Bull Sh!t!

    Those guys need to pay attention to EVERYTHING that goes into their bodies. There is no such thing as a honest mistake. They know what they can and can’t take. And if he wasn’t sure he should have checked first.

    He WAS one of my favorit AL players. Now, he’s a disgrace…


  3. Mark

    From what I heard, the type of steroid found in his system is the same Ben Johnson used. Making this look even worse because it can only be injected.

    Some points.

    Mr Conceco(sp?)’s book seems to be gain validity by the minute. No I haven’t read it but the local sports talk radio (WEEI) talked alot (to much actually) about it.

    If Raf didn’t use the Roids would he need the Viiiagra? 😉

    And finally, I “hear” he is a lock for the hall of fame because of his “numbers.” If he gets in, how much of a problem will this cause for baseball?

    This is going to get ugly.

  4. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mark….

    I think Palmeiro will get into the Hall. His numbers are awesome. I think this stuff with the steroids will really hurt his image and legacy, though. He won’t be a baseball ambassador, or anything like that. And he doesn’t have a chance in hell at being a first ballot hall of famer now.


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