Cindy Sheehan, SHUT UP!

Cindy Sheehan, SHUT UP! President Bush is not to blame for your son’s death in Iraq. Your son volunteered for military service. Nobody forced him. If you want to blame somebody, take your chicken-sh!t self to Iraq. Go camp out in-front of some insurgents toilet-bowl house in Iraq and yell at them.

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  1. Mauser*Girl

    He didn’t just volunteer, he re-enlisted knowing he was going to deploy to Iraq. He was an adult who made his own choices.

    I feel sorry that Cindy has lost her son, but it’s wrong to say Bush is to blame because we’re at war with Iraq. Was Clinton to blame when people were getting killed on peace-keeping missions in Bosnia? I didn’t see anyone sitting outside the White House then.

  2. Chad

    I agree…mostly. If the son volunteered, he (and his mother) knew what he was getting into. She shouldn’t blame Bush. However, I’d just like to say that G.W. Bush has been the worst president of my lifetime, and his inability to handle international issues only extends to his inability to handle the issues in his own backyard.

  3. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mauser*Girl…

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you on the Clinton stuff. The left wouldn’t harass one of their own. This whole Iraq thing is Clinton’s fault, anyways. It came out this week that we knew the 911 terrorists were here and we could have gotten them out. Clinton’s staff said no, leave them be.


  4. Erik Weibust


    Bush is not that bad. He has his problem areas, one big one is the borders…..

    But the economy ROCKS and that is all Bush and his tax breaks/cuts. Give him some credit…. All those stop lights going up by you are going up because of the GOOD Bush has done with the economy.


  5. Erik Weibust

    Yes, Mark she has already met the President. There are world friggin’ leaders that don’t get a chance to meet with the President and Cindy Sheehan wants a 2nd visit!?!? The lady is both nuts and a disgrace.


  6. kt

    I am sorry for Cindy Sheehan’s loss however her son knew what his decision to reenlist meant when he signed his papers. Wether or not the men and women in our military believe that we should be fighting this war or not they are over their doing their duty. Every man and women who has been called active and every one they know and love wishes that we were not there, but it is important to remember that they need to know that we are here for them and believe in them even if it differes from our beliefs. And thanks to them for making the sacrifices in doing so. Sheehan is not helping the troops but doing more harm. The troops need to know that the people are behind them. Instead of spending money and time protesting against the war she could put her resources to better use in helping the soldiers and their families.

  7. leigh ann

    I agree, When you sign up for the military and go thru basic training, I do believe they tell those folks that they could be killed. Is this new information? I can understand her loss, it must be difficult, but she’s going against everything her son was fighting for, she ought not to let her sons death be in vain!

  8. Frank

    Soldier Sheehan died, fighting for a cause he believed in. Cindy Sheehan is not regretting the loss of her son but relishing her time in the spotlight. The war in Irac is part of a greater picture that people cannot see. History will show that every step we are taking in the war on terror is justified, although not understood. Many steps we took in wars past were cited as a horror then, now we see were right. Sometimes when hunting, you have to flush out your prey, for they will hide in the underbrush until disturbed. Let time pass before casting judgement. As for Cindy Sheehan, stop providing aide and comfort to terrorists and despits, and mourn your loss as other families do, and as your son would have wanted…with dignity.

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