Changed My Feeds And Added New LInks…


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I have made a few small changes to the index page on

The first change was that I switched my feeds over to FeedBurner. Mostly, for the stats that FeedBurner offers, but also because I like that FeedBurner makes the actual xml “readable”. I think that a readable xml feed is a big deal. It’s hard for some bloggers to believe but blogging and reading blogs is still not a mainstream activity. And as people start reading blogs and learning about blogs. They all click that xml link and some get scared off. I like having an xml feed that actually looks “sort of” good.

The second change was that I added the icons/links to quickly subscribe to for the most popular blog readers.

These are the last changes I’m making to this blog while it’s powered by MovableType. I plan on having it switched to a new tool in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Todd Brandt

    Sounds like a whole lotta fun. Wish I could be there.

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