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Has anyone out there heard of ITtoolbox, or checked out there ITtoolbox Blogs? I got an email from them asking me to join their “professional blogging network”. They do have a fairly substantial “Java Technology” section.

Anyhow, before I join I wanted to see what other people out there know about them.

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  1. josh

    I’ve definitely heard of them, and all wonderful things. They do have a huge community and put your blog and name in front of a ton of people.

    I would heartily recommend you join their blogging network.

    caveat: One possible explanation for the fact that I’ve heard so much about them is the fact that I am employed by the company in question, so take my encouragement with a grain of salt. In all seriousness there are ~200 blogs in the network, some personal highlights which follow:

    Security Monkey:

    Hard to explain, but go read it you’ll get the idea quick (might want to start at the beginning)

    An Experts Guide to Oracle technology:

    Lots and lots of interesting oracle stuff.

    A .Net Architecture, Design & Development Journal:
    lot’s of .net stuff.

    I could go on and on (there are literally hundreds) but these are my favorites and they’ll give you a good idea of the tone of the place. I’m obviously biased but for proffesional blogging it really can’t be beat, the tools, and exposure it gives you are excellent.

    ps Technorati search on the company name is how I found this. Not as a part of our active stalking campaign in case you’re wondering why I happend by.

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