Jesse Jackson is a Communist…

Yes, if Jesse Jackson is taking the side of Hugo Chavez I’m gonna call him a Communist/ Communist Supporter. There were times in this country when claims like the ones Jesse Jackson is making would land a person in jail. I think the world would be a better place with Jackson and his organizations out of business. Further, the amount of harm Jesse Jackson has done in the United States is outrageous. I’m sure Jackson will be looked upon as one whom has slowed the progress of race relations not helped them by educators and political commentators for decades.

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  1. Freedom

    Hmmm . . . you think that Jesse Jackson should be thrown in jail because he disagrees with Pat Robertson? Both men are Christian ministers, but one seems to be more attentive to the ten commandments (hint, its not Pat Robertson).

  2. Erik Weibust

    NO! I think Jesse Jackson is a traitor. Anybody that supports Communists is anti-American.


  3. Vic

    I think Commnuist is just a label. That kind of just de-humenizes.
    JJ is anti-american and selfish. I am not sure locked up is right thing, I think he should say what he want to say. Sort of like Bill Hamr on HBO : “he is Swiss”. Great, he is on the other side; so we know that is the wrong side.

    TX does not need oil, it exports, lets start w/ that.
    South America is USA sphere of inflence, in the way North Korea is inflenced by China, sort of Dad when kids throw rocks at people.
    Bad thing is… Chavez won’t suffer enough, his people will suffer more, for a rich country that is a shame.

    Doesn’t Lexus make Eletric cars now!


    ps: Vote Eric for state rep.

  4. Freedom

    Regarding “Anybody that supports Communists is anti-American” — and here I thought we had free speech in America. Are you one of those who think that anyone who doesn’t support Bush and his occupation of Iraq is a communist and thrown in jail?

  5. Erik Weibust

    Ha Ha Vic…

    I think a career in politics is riskier then going to work for a startup… 😉

    And YES I think Lexus does make electric cars…


  6. rb

    Jesse Jackson is a joke. The only thing that self promoting poser cares about is Jesse Jackson. He should stick to spending time with other like minded individuals such as Congressman Mel Reynolds instead of trying to play world peace maker. Freedom (blogger) says that Jackson is more Christian than Robertson, apparently he hasn’t read all of the 10 commandments.

  7. Erik Weibust

    I really can’t think of a better way to describe Jesse Jackson in one word then, JOKE. Thanks Randy…

    I can’t think of single person that has benefited MORE by capitalizing on other people’s problems then JJ. The guy is a true disgrace.


  8. David

    How about American companies in China? Aren’t they supporting Communists? Heck you have Microsoft helping surpress free speech.

  9. Erik Weibust


    Good point, but a little off-topic. My point was that Jesse Jackson is taking the side of an anti-American, enemy of the US. A evil man that wants nothing but failure for the US.

    China on the other hand. Isn’t necessarily on our side, but they aren’t really anti-American. And as a country China is spewing anti-American propaganda.


  10. David

    Well I’ll disagree with you using your own words … “Anybody that supports Communists is anti-American.”

    I’m with ya’ though. I’m a Democrat and I really wish people like him would just go away. His latest foray into “helping” in New Orleans is a joke.

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