Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Noah’s 3rd Birthday Party

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Saturday was Noah’s 3rd birthday and he had a great day! He woke up and had a gift waiting for him from mommy and daddy which kept him busy until all the festivities got going.

Noah had a “Firetruck Birthday Party!” with lots of friends and family attending. The party started out at our house with cake, ice cream, and presents. Then we all packed into our cars and headed to Allen Fire Department – Station 2.

Everybody got to tour the station. Seeing where the firemen eat, sleep, and watch TV. Then it was into the garage to see the FIRE ENGINE! The firemen let everybody climb on the truck and try on all their equipment. I think the kids AND parents had a good time.

Noah really raked it in. He got his first baseball glove, a soccer ball, a bike, fire trucks, games, puzzles, and blocks.

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  1. David

    Happy Birthday little guy.

  2. David M.

    Erik, did you have to arrange for the fire station visit? My son’s birthday is Friday and that sounds like something we could do.

  3. Mark

    Happy B-day Noah, I am so jealous. A trip to the Fire Station, WOW!!!!!!!


  4. Erik Weibust


    My wife called the station and asked about the visit a few weeks before the party. They did actually schedule us, but after the party they told everybody to feel free to stop by any time.


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