UPDATED: What are you paying for gas?

Just for fun, I’m gonna keep adding my gas purchases to this post. Mostly, it will be for my amusement, but if you find it interesting feel free to comment. I’ll be adding my newest purchase to the top of the list.

With all the crazy talk about gas prices going up to and past $4/gallon I thought I’d start tracking what I’m paying for gas. Also, I’m going with the “don’t let the tanks go below half-full” philosophy.

Anyhow, here is what I’m paying at the super-secret, real-cheap gas station by my house:
9/2/05- $2.96/gallon
9/1/05- $2.86/gallon
8/28/05- $2.54/gallon

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  1. Andy Hoffman

    I paid $2.899 last night with 10 cents off/gal (Krogers discount). I am a free market type but the gas companies are reaming us right now. We’re paying $3 for gas they made at $2.50 or less; and you know the price won’t go down as much as it went up. Write your incumbents and complain about the price and an energy policy that doesn’t move us away from oil.

  2. Frank Merenda

    We had $6/gal here in GA.
    By us it is $3.50/gal last I saw.
    Many places are out of gas completely here.

    But I telecommute. 🙂

    Take care,

  3. Erik Weibust

    Hey Andy…

    I, too, am a fan of “free market” principles, but what is going on now is robbery…. Have manufacturing costs for the oil terrorists over in the Middle East gone up? Last I heard it cost them around $3/barrel. I really don’t understand why prices have gone up over here like they have the past year.


  4. Erik Weibust


    You suck! 🙂 You telecommute and I think you ride a bike…. I’ve paying a gas bill for a Ford Expedition my wife drives (about 40 miles a day to/from work) and my Nissan Altima (about 25 miles a day to/from work).


  5. Mark

    3.19 at our local BJs. But we saw it cheap later in the day at another place.

    I typically don’t break out the mountain bike until after tri and road season is done but this is different. I am going to start using it to get local tasks done that don’t need a trunk.

    My wife drives a Subaru Forester, 22-26mpg depending on the type of traveling. And I own a Honda Civic. If really babied I can get close to 40mpg.

    I still don’t have a full time job but all the contract work I have been doing is from home, so that helps.

  6. David

    $2.99 here around my house in SE Houston. Couple of the gas stations have ventured into the harrowed $3.00+ price.

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