Aggies Looked Bad Against Clemson…

Horrible might be a bit “knee jerk”, but I wasn’t happy with the Aggies’ performance on Saturday night against Clemson. Loosing 25-24 on a last second field goal hurt. But when you only have 8, EIGHT, 8 friggin’ pass completions what do you expect??? Coach Fran gets an F for play calling and he gets an F for game preperation. Having 9 penalities is unacceptable.

So my “Research Project of the Week” was looking at penalities by Top 25 teams and if they won or lost. First, there was only ONE Top25 team with more penalities then the Aggies that won last weekend. That was Arizona St. with 11, but they were playing lowly Temple. Auburn had eleven penalties and lost. Everybody else in the Top 25 had less penalities then the Aggies except USC who also had 9.

My advice for Coach Fran as he gets ready for SMU two weeks from now, throw more passes and cut down on penalities. Follow that same advice with Texas St, and Baylor because after those 3 games the schedule gets ugly.

One last thing, Erik’s Hmm has a new fan. That would be John Lopez, a sports reporter for the Houston Chronicle. He gave me a trackback ping for my Texas A&M Football preview.

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