The SportsBash Knockout Pool on ESPNRadio and Erik’s Hmm…

Playing from home, because Erik Kuselias didn’t consider me worthy, I’m gonna make my picks here in The SportsBash Knockout Pool. We’ll see if Erik takes note of my picks and lets me pick with him on ESPNRadio. The KnockOut Pool picks are made each Friday about 4:45 Central time.

This week, instead of taking the gimme St Louis over San Fran, I’m taking Denver over Miami.

So for the rest of you playing from home I’ll say it again. Give me Denver beating Miami.

For those of you who don’t understand the game. Hear it is in a nutshell. Every week you pick one NFL winner. You can’t use a team twice. So this week I took Denver. I won’t be able to pick Denver the rest of the year. Lets hope I go farther then anyone playing in the SportsBash Knockout Pool

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