Reggie McNeal for Heisman 2005

Did you see what Reggie McNeal did Saturday against the SMU Ponies? He destroyed them. He led the Texas Aggie offense up and down the field, over and over, completely dominating the Ponies.

Recapping Reggie McNeal’s stats:
-15/24 passing
-324 yards passing
-5 TDs
-0 INTs
-100 rushing yards
-1 rushing TD
-449 yards Total Offense

And all that IN ONLY 3 QUARTERS! Reggie dominated SMU. He probably had the single best passing quarter in the history of college football. Tossing 4 TD passes of 80, 68, 32 and 47 yards. That’s 227 passing yards on those four TDs alone!

Absolutely the best game of his college career.

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  1. Chad

    Is SMU a Division I school? I’ll be more impressed when Mr. McNeal beats up on a good team. I know he’s a great player, but Heismen winners put up numbers every week.

    In any event, good luck to the Aggies (they don’t play the Gators, so I can say that). Hopefully you guys aren’t the team that OU finds their way against.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yes, SMU is D1. I’d say at the bottom of D1, but lets not kick them while they’re down…

    Maybe the Ags will meet the Gators in a BCS game this year….


  3. jb ogden

    Well, well now. What happened to reggie against Baylor at KYLE FIELD? Heisman Trophy Winners dont lay eggs against pushovers at home!

  4. Erik Weibust

    You are 100% right… Reggie is officially out of the Heisman race.


  5. justin anderson

    you cant count him out yet…he is by far better than vince young who gets infinitely more hype cuz he plays for the orange and white….mcneal has put up better numbers than his evil twin since jv football yrs ago…vinsanity has 7 tds and 5 int. and is still 2nd? thats ridiculous…he has the best o-line in football and a great d that sets him up… baylor has been playing way better the last 2 yrs and really are stepping it up this year…b4 i fully kick him out i would wait and see what he does to colorado a team notorious for cheating on D… if heisman was most valuable player reggie would be unanimous but unfortunately there really isnt a set guideline on what there voting on besides hype…reggie has the best arm in the country and the best wheels…if his team can hold together around him watch out big 12…and the world

  6. justin anderson

    ok hes done….i still think he is a ridiculously talented qb and athlete in general…in 9th grade he could throw a 90 mph fastball…and can throw a football 65 yds flat footed..but his team can not play to his standards and you have to have a good team to win the heisman

  7. Erik Weibust

    i’ll say Reggie has amazing talent, but he has had some problems stringing a couple good games together. and playing on a horrible Aggie team won’t help.


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