UPDATED: This Rita Ain’t No Meter Maid…

Just a quick update. I’m sure you saw on the news; Hurricane Rita moved NE and ended up hitting close to the TX/LA border. All my family down in Houston got real lucky. Nobody had any real damage. Just some down trees/branches and power outages.

Up in Allen, TX where I’m at we just barely felt Rita. I had some lawn chairs blown over by the winds and there were some fences blown down in my neighborhood. But, surprisingly we got no rain.

Hurricane Rita has me very flustered/upset. All my family and Katie’s family live in the Houston area. Katie’s parents are in Sugar Land. My Dad and step mom are in the Woodlands. My sister and brother-in-law are in Spring. And unfortunately, my Mom and step dad live right on the Gulf. Specifically, their house sits right on Trinity Bay in Beach City. Hopefully, Rita goes easy on my family and the rest of the Gulf Coast residents. I’ll be praying for all of them.

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  1. David

    Clear Lake here – looks like we dodged a bullet. Especially considering some of those storm surge predictions. Minor damage around our area – couple trees down, branches and stuff. Power was out Saturday afternoon – but not everywhere my in-laws about 1.5 miles away had power. It came back on during the night. Other than that just waiting for gas to return to the neighborhood =)

    Hopefully your family faired as well.

  2. Erik Weibust

    David… Good to here you made it through Rita unscarred, also. The weather people did a good job getting everybody down in Houston worked up, didn’t they?


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