Beat The Hell Outta Baylor…

Aggie fans, Aggie players, Aggie coaches, Aggie students, and Aggie alumni have had tomorrow’s game against Baylor circled since last season ended. Normally, we (Aggie fans) get all geared-up for the Texas game, or the Tech game, but not this year.

If you missed it, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies were embarrassed by the Baylor Bears last year. It ended a 13 game winning streak the Aggies had run up against Baylor. I hate to say it but since the 80s Baylor has been a doormat, and loosing to them last year almost hurt more then the ass-kicking Coach Fran allowed OU to lay on us two years ago.

Tomorrow’s game will be great. The Aggies should be really fired-up. They were embarrassed last year and will try to erase that lost with a throttling of Baylor.

Side note…. There is a great story about Chad Schroeder on the main page of ESPN’s College Football page.

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  1. Chad

    Not quite the blowout you were looking for, but still a win. More than us Gators can say this morning.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah, definitely not the game I wanted to watch.

    What happened to the Gators?


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