Loading up my Flickr Account

I have started the enormous project of pushing ALL of our digital pics up to my Flickr account(erikweibust). I’ve probably got a couple thousand plus photos to load dating back to April of 2002. Currently, I’m just using two tags, weibust, and the year the pics were taken(2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002).

Once loaded, I’ll add additional tags like Christmas, Thanksgiving, ballparks, etc. Then I’ll make a decision on building sets or not. I’m not really sure what my stance is on Flickr sets. I’d love a “real” good comparison on the two concepts (sets and tags) from somebody over at Flickr help. Isn’t tagging a photo enough? Anyhow, I may go back and build sets for all the old photos I’m adding, but I’m not committing to that work yet.

This project is a lot of work, a “beat down”, but it is fun going back and looking at all our old photos. I’ll make sure and post again when I’m done loading all the photos, but feel free to check out my photostream now while I’m mid-project.

One last thing…. Flickr rocks! And it’s free! Go get an account and see for youself.

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    tags would be more useful as a set replacement, imho, if I could assign certain tags as albums along the side like sets work. It would also increase overall flexibility of viewing the front page.

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